I Saw the TV Glow

Jane Schoenbrun is Making a Movie of “Nevada” and We’re Screaming

A beloved classic of trans literature. A brilliant trans director. A match made in heaven.

Yesterday, rumors started to fly regarding the possibility of We’re All Going to the World’s Fair director Jane Schoenbrun directing an adaptation of Imogen Binnie’s novel Nevada.

Per a tweet from Schoenbrun, it looks as if all the rumors are true (yeah.)

If you know, you know.

Binnie’s debut novel, originally released in 2013 by the now-shuttered trans press Topside, had a recent re-release this fall from FSG Originals. Perhaps no modern work of trans fiction has been as consistently cited, quoted, and called back to as a groundbreaking example of what trans lit can do when it’s unconstrained by the trappings of a marketplace that wants to reduce all trans writers to the story of their transition.

We don’t know when the tale of Maria, a punk trans woman who sets out on a fucked up road trip in search of herself, will hit screens. But one thing we know for sure: the screens themselves will be glowing.

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