Janet Mock Had a Creepy Morgan Freeman Experience a Few Years Ago

Archived video footage from Entertainment Tonight (ET) has surfaced that shows Morgan Freeman making sexual comments towards female interviewers on two separate occasions.

One of these women was Janet Mock, who used to be a correspondent for ET — although she is known better now for her activist work and memoir writing.

In the clip showing the exchange between Mock and Freeman, Freeman immediately comments on the length of Mock’s clothing, suggesting that he is distracted by her short dress. 

Mock appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on May 31st to discuss Pose, the upcoming show on FX about the ballroom culture of 1980’s New York, but she also talked about the Freeman tape. Mock said that when her former producers said they were going to air the interview in relation to the new Freeman accusations, she was shocked because she felt it was “un-airable because all he did the entire time was look at my legs.” 
Williams was surprised when Mock confirmed that Freeman knew the cameras were rolling. “It shows how men in power just believe that they can [have] free rein to do whatever they want,” Mock said in the Williams interview. 

In total, 16 people spoke to CNN accusing Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, while eight have specifically accused him of sexual harassment.

You can watch the full Janet Mock interview on The Wendy Williams Show below:

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