Janet Mock Stars In New Blood Orange Music Video

Janet Mock opens up the new Blood Orange video for “Jewelry,” simply walking down the street (looking gorgeous) while a voiceover plays.

“So, like, my favorite images are the ones where someone who isn’t supposed to be there, who is like, in a space where we were not ever welcomed in, where we were not invited,” Mock says in her monologue. “Yet, we walk in and show all the way up. People try to put us down by saying, ‘she’s doing the most’ or ‘he’s way too much’ but like why would we want to do the least?”

Mock posted about the experience on Twitter saying that it was “A DEEP honor to write/speak words for interludes of #BloodOrange’s new album #NegroSwan.”

If you don’t know Blood Orange, a.k.a. Dev Hynes, you’ve definitely heard the artists he works with. Although he makes his own music, he also produces tracks for folks like Solange, Carly Rae Jepsen, FKA Twigs and many more.

Hynes has made a point to not define his sexuality. He talks about this in an interview with Evening Standard, comparing his view on it to David Bowie and Prince. “I think a lot of people look at me and think, ‘No, it’s strong if you define yourself and it’ll be helpful to others.’ But I think they don’t realize that I’m not hiding in not defining myself. I’m openly not defining myself.”

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