Jessica 6 Wants To Treat Men Like ATMs

Electronic music legend Nomi Ruiz is back and she’s demanding her coin.

Between cross-country Pride appearances and performing with Daniela Vega in Chile, the Jessica 6 singer has been recording their forthcoming album alongside long-time collaborator ELIOT.

The first track from The ELIOT Sessions, “Get Loaded” is a sensual, mid-tempo, electro-pop song for sugar babies.

“When I listened to one of the tracks ELIOT sent me, I began fantasizing and writing from the perspective of someone who views relationships as a way of elevating their socio-economic status,” Ruiz says. “What if instead of treating men as companions and lovers I treated them as investments or ATMs?”

With “Get Loaded” premiering in the same week as Nicki Minaj’s “Rich Sex,” listeners are enjoying a moment when women of color get to flaunt their bank accounts and have fun.

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