Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Absurdity of Homophobic Bakeries

· Updated on May 28, 2018

It seems there’s an alarming number of homophobic bakers in this country. It’s as if we can’t go a week without another same-sex couple being denied service on the basis of the baker’s “religious freedom.” Meanwhile states like Mississippi pass legislation that upholds this form of discrimination.

Most recently, a judge in Kern County, California ruled in favor of a baker who refused to custom make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. By arguing that she would sell them anything else in her shop, self-proclaimed Christian, Cathy Miller and her attorney equated designing a cake with speech. The judge ruled in her favor, agreeing that it would have violated her constitutional rights.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, that sounded fair for a minute. But then he thought of it in the context of a restaurant, and it suddenly resembled the nonsense it was to begin with. To demonstrate the absurdity of the argument, he acted out a scene with four actors.

As one woman identified as gay, she wasn’t allowed to order the salad special, because it violated the salad chef’s religious beliefs. But she’s more than welcome to a salad he made before he knew she was gay. Since another man was Jewish, he wasn’t allowed to order lasagna. One nice gentleman offered to order the salad for the first woman, but since the owner is a wiccan priestess, she won’t allow men to order for women because she believes it perpetuates the patriarchy. Another woman decides to order the steak, but since the chef is Hindu, he considers cows sacred.

If this restaurant were real, it would go out of business very quickly. Yet numerous business owners across the country refuse to see that issue as they continue to discriminate against potential customers.

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