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JK Rowling Fans Asked For “Proof” of Her Transphobia. Trans Twitter Responded in Full Force

Being trans is exhausting for more than a few reasons. Even more exhausting is the fact that certain public figures who have built their identities around transphobia in a last-ditch attempt to stay relevant in recent years remain, in large part, unaffected by their decision. Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s because cis people, no matter how deranged, as still seen as more respectable and trustworthy than the trans folks they harass daily.

Take for instance JK Rowling, a woman who lives in a literal castle and still complains that trans people asking for basic rights are “bullying” her just for standing up for themselves.

Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books mean a lot to many readers, and because of this, trans folks are routinely gaslit as to the extent of Rowling’s transphobia. But those of us who are keeping score are really keeping score.

For instance, yesterday on Twitter, someone had the bad sense to ask what Rowling had done that was actually transphobic in response to a tweet from trans actress Nicole Maines.

And boy oh boy did the receipts show up in full force.

It didn’t take long for Rowling herself to respond, in a tweet that she probably thought was a brilliant clapback. To the rest of us, it merely read as unhinged.

Ah yes, trans people and Mormons…what a perfect…parallel…?

Meanwhile, Maya Forstater, the British TERF who Rowling outed herself in defense of years ago, is busy railing against a children’s book. Because of course she is.

Ah yes, that great civil rights issue defining the 21st century: cartoon aliens not having genitals.

This is what happens when you’re so boring you have no choice but to lean on transmisogyny as your entire identity.

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