Jonathan Van Ness Comes For Nicki Minaj

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is known and adored for being the most vocal member of the Fab Five — and earlier today, he stuck his neck out for the LGBTQ community once again. On Friday morning, TV’s favorite hairstylist slammed rapper Nicki Minaj, who adorns this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Russia cover, for supporting a country that vehemently condemns queerness.

“Russia has anti LGBTQIA propaganda laws, Chechnya supported by Russia tortures it’s LGBTQIA citizens, & w your LGBTQ+ fans you can’t even speak to that in this interview bc it’s illegal in Russia,” Van Ness tweeted, adding, “what’s good @NICKIMINAJ , this should’ve been a hard pass.”

The tweet drew mixed reactions online. One Twitter user insisted that Minaj’s Russian fans were excited about the cover.

Another fan pointed out the vast amount of celebrities who have also covered the Russian magazine, like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez.

The Queer Eye star responded, claiming he doesn’t support anyone who covers Harper’s Bazaar Russia.

Jonathan later tweeted his regrets for starting a Twitter war, but he’s not sorry — he just wants celebrities to do better. “Anyway really happy today, didn’t mean to start a Twitter war, I’m just disappointed in some people from where I’m sitting in life & start noticing things,” he wrote. “Biggest hug to eryone.”

Yesterday, Van Ness had a major day—which might explain why he’s so “happy.” The 31-year old accrued two Emmy nominations, Outstanding Short Form Variety Series for his web series Gay of Thrones, the other for Outstanding Structured Reality Program for Queer Eye. And earlier today, the boys found out that Queer Eye was renewed for a third season.

Can you believe?

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