Kate McKinnon Had Hilariously Accurate Reaction to Being Mentioned in Hillary Clinton’s Book

· Updated on May 28, 2018

The very public friendship that has blossomed between Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon is the definition of #squadgoals. After impersonating Clinton numerous times on SNL, McKinnon was joined by the former FLOTUS and then-democratic candidate for a very special skit. They were even photographed getting dinner together at Orso in New York, earlier this year.

After Clinton’s loss last November, McKinnon gave a very memorable and Emmy-winning performance of “Hallelujah” on SNL as Clinton. It was an appropriately emotional reaction to the presidential upset, especially for someone who’d grown so close to the candidate. So, it’s no surprise that the beautiful moment shared with everyone in the world, including Clinton, made it into the book, What Happened.

“On the Saturday after the election, I turned on Saturday Night Live and watched Kate McKinnon open the show with her impression of me one more time,” Clinton writes in her memoir. “She sat at a grand piano and played ‘Hallelujah,’ the hauntingly beautiful song by Leonard Cohen, who had died days before. As she sang, it seemed like she was fighting back tears. Listening, so was I.”

As emotional as that moment was for everyone, leave it to the hilarious McKinnon to break the tension with some much-needed laughter. She recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she did her best Gal Gadot impression and talked SNL with the former cast member-turned-talk show host. When the topic of Clinton came up, Fallon pointed out that McKinnon was mentioned in the book, to which she reenacted the moment she heard it on the audio version of the book. It’s a hilarious and appropriate reaction that includes wailing in the middle of a busy New York street.

Watch the clip below:

Header image byby Mike Coppola/Getty Images for NBC

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