Kate McKinnon Nails Jodie Foster And Ellen DeGeneres

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader returned to host this weekend’s show, but as usual, the real scene-stealer was Kate McKinnon. In a “Jurassic Park Auditions” sketch, McKinnon took on a ’90s Jodie Foster impression, stopping lesbian hearts across the nation.

Sporting an olive pantsuit and teased Dana Scully hair, McKinnon auditions for Dr. Sattler, looks deep into the camera with an extreme, dramatic Jodie Foster-esque close-up, and delivers banal Jurassic Park lines with the histrionics of Ellie Arroway meeting her dead dad in Contact.

“Sometimes, a mosquito will get caught in the sap. It was so sticky. So sticky,” she whimpers, only to be met with the direction, “Could you try it a little happier?” McKinnon deadpans, “This is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

McKinnon also portrayed “’90s Ellen” in the sketch, with an DeGeneres impression better than Ellen herself, and a bone-chillingly accurate Lisa Kudrow.

The SNL actress has proved herself a top talent on the sketch show, but she’s also solidified herself as a lesbian icon, given her past impressions of Jane Lynch, Billie Jean King, and Justin Bieber.

SNL returns April 7th with Chadwick Boseman serving as host, and Cardi B as the musical guest.

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