Kathy Griffin Subtweeted Thorgy Thor Because This Is What 2018 Has Come To

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Kathy Griffin has decided that it’s time for Thorgy Thor to sashay away.

On Thursday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars, Thorgy Thor portrayed Stevie Nicks during the Divas Live! lip-sync extravaganza. For those who have seen the episodespoiler alert!things did not end well for Thorgy, who basically complained about the diva she was assigned the whole time. Thorgy said several times that Nicks was not a gay icon in the same way that Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, or Diana Ross were, thus making it harder for her to perform.

Well, that did not sit too well with Griffin, the arbiter of who is and is not a gay icon.

“I’m hearing someone, I will not acknowledge them by name, had the nerve to say that Stevie Nicks isn’t a gay icon,” Griffin wrote on Twitter. “Do you need more proof than this?”

Accompanying the tweet is a quote tweet of a picture with Griffin and Nicks asking Cher to hang out.

Thorgy, or any of the Drag Race queens, have yet to respond, but we’re here for the drama.

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