Kesha Officiates Lesbian Wedding in New Music Video

· Updated on May 27, 2018

Kesha has released a new music video for a pronoun-swapped cover of the Janis Joplin classic “I Need a Man to Love.”

The bisexual pop star’s queer rendition, “I Need A Woman,” is part of a new compilation meant to supply LGBTQ people with same-sex wedding songs. The EP, titled Universal Love, also has tracks from Bob Dylan, St. Vincent, Valerie June, Kele Okereke and Benjamin Gibbard.

“People should be able to love whoever they want to love,” the pop singer-songwriter declares in the music video. “That’s what love is.”

The video depicts Kesha officiating an intimate outdoor wedding for a lesbian couple, as well as the following celebration.

“I’m here today, in Vegas, to marry Dani and Lindsay,” the 31-year old singer says. “This’ll be my third same-sex marriage.”

“The fact that I would just play a show, and there’d be two people there that I’ve never met, and now I’m marrying them today,” she continued, “it’s just kind of a headfuck. But it’s amazing.”

The video also features narratives from the couple, who say they met before same-sex marriage was legal, and never thought marrying would be an option for them.

“I had put in my mind that there’s just certain parts of life that I wasn’t gonna participate in because of who I was,” one woman says. “Even when I didn’t know who I was, I just knew I was different.”

Luckily, the two women were wined and dined in Las Vegas to celebrate their love the way it should be celebrated.

Kesha has long-advocated for LGBTQ rights, including having penned an open letter for PrideSource proclaiming her latest album Rainbow was made for queer people. She makes a point to incorporate queerness into her songwriting, like her empowering anthem “We R Who We R.”

Universal Love is available on iTunes and streaming services.

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