LA Nights

· Updated on March 23, 2023

As a foreigner in the sprawling city of concrete and palm trees, Samuel Douek has crafted a visual poem inspired by his exploration of the city’s vibrant queer scene. His journey into the shadows of the night is focused on three of LA’s most infamous establishments and events: The unpredictable and brash Mustache Mondays, gritty bear magnet Eagle, and the impossibly chic mega-party A Club Called Rhonda.

“Ultimately, LA Nights reflects my immediate isolation along a path of anonymous faces and my successive enlightenment, being enamored by the freedom, beauty, culture, and open arms of the city’s artistic underbelly where the divided populous- a megalopolis of clowns, queens, muscle hunks and big dreams – become united in their diversity.

Here we are together, forever, in the fleeting moment of this effervescent night. Because on your LA Night you can be whoever you want to be, from feigned shyness to outlandish performance. It doesn’t matter, because everybody will love you for it.”

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