Lance Bass Loses the Brady Bunch House to HGTV

In a story that truly sounds made up, HGTV has outbid Lance Bass on the sale of the Brady Bunch house.

Although the *NSYNC singer was the highest bidder in a bidding war for the historic house, which went on the market in July after 45 long years, TMZ reported today that HGTV swooped in to buy the house and restore it to its 70s look.

Bass’s bid was just under $3 million, and the cutoff for additional bids was last Thursday at 3pm—by that point, Lance had sealed the deal, and the seller’s realtor told him the house was his.

However, according to TMZ, the seller’s realtor had a mischievous scheme all along to let a bidding war commence, only to end up selling to a studio, which would inevitably strut in with the deepest pockets.

Although I’m sure the seller’s realtor would disagree, Lance and his realtor say the seller’s realtor lied to them, and the whole thing was a giant sham. Sure, Jan.

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