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Lara Trump gleefully dances on Roe’s grave in 2-year anniversary interview

When they go low, Lara Trump goes lower: or at least, that probably should be her campaign slogan. The RNC co-chair and wife of Eric Trump continued what appears to be a desperately thirsty bid for attention in a Monday morning interview on Fox and Friends.

Responding to questions about what Trump’s stance will be on abortion rights, Lara Trump did what all the Trumps do: ignore the question and started talking about something else.

While we still don’t know exactly what Trump’s position is on abortion, we can give an educated guess using a few context clues, such as his recent Time interview in which he implied that it’s fine to give states the right to track peoples’ ovulation cycles.

Lara, for her part, seems thrilled about Roe’s overturning. On the 2-year anniversary of that historic f*ck-up decision, she explained that the three Trump-appointed Supreme Court judges did the “right thing” by making abortion rights a state-by-state issue.

I guess it’s slightly better than her railing against “illegal immigrants” and ISIS on her Instagram! But it’s still all of a piece with the dismal takes and ideology we’ve come to except from Lara Trump.

It’s far from surprising, but it is terrifying to see a woman supporting the complete destruction of women’s rights on a federal level.

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