Las Vegas Gives Us A Lesbian Romance in ‘Now And Then’

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Visit Las Vegas has a new ad campaign titled “Only Las Vegas Moments” and it features four different short films, each focusing on lighthearted and touching moments in different people’s lives during their visit to Sin City.

Taking a self-care approach to their “what happens here, stays here” slogan, each film focuses on an individual experiencing a special trip: a woman taking an impromptu vacation on her own for the first time; a carpet salesman making the most out of a business trip; a married couple reconnecting; and two women discussing getting married.

The short film is titled Now and Then and it begins with a woman watching the Bellagio fountains as her girlfriend comes up behind her and wraps her arms around her. As they watch the fountains spring up, one suggests they get married.

As they discuss the pros and cons of getting hitched where they first met, walking along the light-filled Strip, the film jumps between that first night (“then”) and the present (“now”). It seems the only thing holding one of them back is that her parents don’t seem to be super into the idea of their daughter being with another woman.

Coming upon what appears to be a wedding in progress, they decide to “take a peek” inside, where their friends and relatives are waiting for them. Though moved to tears, one is still reluctant to go inside, as her parents are not present, so she’s prompted by her girlfriend to call them. When she does, the phone rings in the room, and her parents squeeze through the crowd, revealing they are in fact okay with their relationship, and she exclaims, “Let’s get married!”

Not only is this the lesbian romance we thought we’d get with Jenny’s Wedding, but for a video that runs just over three minutes, it packs a lot of story.

The campaign itself is effectively inclusive, featuring as many — if not more — actors of color as there are white, an approach supported by the official site’s statement, which reads, “There’s only one place in the world that lets you truly experience life on your own terms, free from judgment, responsibility, and the need to fit into any role other than the one you choose: Las Vegas.”

Commercial-length versions of the four short films are airing now, but you can find them all in their entirety on the Visit Las Vegas official YouTube channel.

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