Fahy Forever

After Last Night’s “White Lotus,” the Gays are Nominating Meghann Fahy for Every Award

We’ve loved Meghann Fahy since “The Bold Type,” but after last night’s episode of White Lotus, all those johnny-come-latelys are finally realizing what we’ve known for some time: that Fahy is one of our generation’s finest ARTISTES and should 10000% be cast in every movie from now on. More Fahy, less problems.

The revelation came on slow. Though Fahy has been serving throughout the series run, last night’s conversation with Ethan pushed things to the brink:

When Daphne learned that her spouse may have done something with Ethan’s spouse, tensions rose, and Fahy’s talent LEAPED out.

The moment did not go uncommented upon.

Suddenly she’s our everything.

And she can SING??

EGOT winner Meghann Fahy.

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