Lenses on Queerness: Photographer Mickey Aloisio

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Every day this week we’ll be celebrating a different photographer who is using their social media to tell queer stories.

Mickey Aloisio is an American born artist who is currently based in Queens, NY. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a concentration in photography in 2016.

Aloisio’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and he recently released his second self-published limited edition monograph at the BGSQD: Queer Division in New York. Aloisio addresses ideas of belonging, desire, and vulnerability while evoking concepts of conventional beauty within their portraits.

What or who inspires your work the most?

I’ve found that I’m inspired by the opportunity of the photograph, specifically within my portraiture. It’s more for me about the chance of spending time and getting to know more about the person in front of my lens, or to just experience one another in a way we normally wouldn’t.

In a way, the camera is just a middle man. The same idea is applied when it comes to landscapes. I have to be there to make that photograph, right? I think that journey of creating the photograph is as big of an inspiration as any.

In terms of aesthetic inspiration, I’m influenced most by formality and tradition. I think it’s interesting to play with classic ideas of design, lighting and composition within the execution of my images, while evoking more modern concepts of conventional beauty through the subjects.

Why is LGBTQ visibilityimportant to you / your work?

I think as being a part of the LGBTQ community, it’s easy to think of yourself as being at a disadvantage. Throughout history the community has faced pushback or rejection. The government’s response to the AIDS crisis, the seemingly perpetual fight for marriage equality, and the exclusion from donating our blood are just a few examples. However, through my images, I strive to reflect and shine light on the positivity that comes from belonging to this communityechoing the care, connection, and trust within its people to the viewer. Photographing the subjects in a way that emulates the good, the happiness and playfulness that’s unfortunately often overlooked by too many. Instead of a more common, hyper-sexualized approach of representing queer people.

Obscure random fact no one knows about you?

I have super long toes which I recently found out were known as “lingers,” which makes it hard for me to find shoes that I’m super into. I’ve kind of always had toe-envy when I see other people with cute little stubby nubs for toes.

What’s on the horizon for you in 2018?

So I’m actually pretty pumped for 2018. During April, May, and June, I plan on making new work throughout Europe, which will be my first time leaving America. The goal is to travel through Europe to create new portraits of gay men and gay culture of certain European cities. I’ll be spending some time in Spain, London, Germany, Amsterdam and where ever else I wind up.

Essentially resulting in a body of work quite similar to my last project, “American Wildlife,” in which the completed series will be comprised of landscapes, individual portraits, and self-portraits of my interactions with the subjects. Of course I expect this new project to grow in a new direction that the other’s haven’t; however, I find growth usually happens organically and so only time will tell.

See work from Mickey Aloisio onInstagram.

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