Leslie Jones Reacting To A Surprise Video From RuPaul Was Enough To Make My Ice Cold Heart Melt

If you didn’t know, Leslie Jones is a huge Drag Race fan. Since she’s relatively new to the show, a good chunk of Jones’ Twitter presence is her talking about the show, basically live-tweeting it years later.

Currently Jones is just starting All Stars 2 and I for one cannot wait for her takes on the many twists.

With her new obsession in mind, Access set up a surprise video for Leslie from RuPaul herself. In the video, RuPaul is in drag and is telling Jones that she loves what she’s doing on social media and that she needs to come on the show.

Jones’ reaction was priceless — she literally just starts screaming before repeatedly exclaiming about how beautiful Ru looked in the video. You can tell that she is a genuine fan of the show and I think we can all expect to see her on the panel for All Stars 5 or in Season 12 as a judge.

Check out the clip from Access below:

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