Let This ‘90s Polaroid JoyCam Commercial Featuring Pedro Pascal Bring You Joy

At this point, we are all head over heels in love with all that Pedro Pascal has to offer. Whether we’re swooning over his paternal instincts in The Mandalorian, watching him serve post-apocalyptic core in The Last of Us, or laughing right along to his comedic chops on Saturday Night Live, Pascal brings us all so much joy. But we also love the throwbacks that we keep receiving from Pascal’s acting beginnings. 

Remember that Sarah Michelle Gellar post that reminded us all that Pascal was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that we all, Gellar included, love him?

Well, get into this joyous commercial for Polaroid’s JoyCam.

Baby Pascal is adorable as ever in this late ‘90s ad for the camera company. The commercial features a collection of folks seemingly enjoying their youth and capturing it all on film in hotel rooms, on joyrides, and in kitchen food fights. Oh, and we saw that cute kiss you received as well, Mr. Pascal. 

JoyCam was meant to breathe new life into cameras with its easy-to-use, “point-and-shoot” design. It was labeled as the perfect camera to take pictures indoors and outdoors with Polaroid 500 Film. While the JoyCam’s popularity may not have stood the test of time, Pascal’s acting career did and continues to flourish.

The Game of Thrones actor has officially taken over the internet and our hearts as the self-proclaimed “cool, slutty daddy” we don’t deserve. We also love his support of the LGBTQ+ community and a lot of that goes to his sister, trans actress Lux Pascal

Enjoy this little keepsake, while we go back to manifesting a Pascal siblings film. 

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