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Lil Nas X Apologizes to the Trans Community After Joking About Transitioning

On Tuesday, Lil Nas X issued an apology directed towards the trans community after he posted a picture on his social media sites of a woman who looked similar to him with the caption “the surgery was a success”. The implication behind the photo and the caption was that Lil Nas X had transitioned. 

While the post has now been deleted, many were bothered by trans people being the punchline of his joke. The “Montero” singer, known for trolling, doubled down on why he used the image and the joke before apologizing. This stirred up Lil Nas X followers and members of the trans community who called out the chart topper for the post. 

Unfortunately, this post (and his subsequent replies) come during a time when anti-LGBTQ+ legislation continues to emerge within the United States and the lives of trans folks continue to be in jeopardy. Lil Nas X is known for toying with gender and sexuality in various ways, since coming out at gay in 2019. However, critics of the post were quick to point out how this fuels anti-trans sentiment that continues to disperse throughout the country via legislation and ill-informed ideologies. 

Which is why some folks were not only displeased with Lil Nas X’s post, but some thought his apology was subpar. One Twitter user named (@edgeslayer) called for the entertainer to utilize his platform to spread further awareness on trans issues and provide funds to trans causes. 

Lil Nas X responded with the following quote tweet. 

Well, this isn’t the best response from the 23-year-old. As a gay entertainer, Lil Nas X has been known to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in various ways. During the roll out of his debut album Montero, he created a registry that where fans could donate to 16 different LGBTQ+ organizations.

Granted, the album roll out also caused a stir, as the registry for his baby (his album) that he was giving birth to. Various individuals called out his marketing as being transphobic to trans men, while others pointed out that this level of “gender f*ckery” made them feel seen as trans men.

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