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Lil Nas X Talked About Being Bicurious and Twitter Lost Its Mind

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear: we love Lil Nas X. He is without a doubt one of our generation’s most talented, groundbreaking, and inventive artists, and whatever he does next is going to blow our tiny minds.

We also know that Lil Nas X has mastered the art of the troll, which serves as a perfect preamble to today’s Twitter thread of the day.

Yesterday, the “Call Me By Your Name” artist posted a tweet asking fans if they would be mad if he came out as bisexual.

Now why would anyone be mad at that, you might ask? Well, “biphobia” is the long and short answer. But Lil Nas X’s fans showed overwhelming support for the artist, whether or not the tweet was meant in earnest.

Let’s face it: whatever Lil Nas X wants to come out as, our love for him can only grow. He’s always been ahead of the game, and he continues to blow our minds with every new piece of art he releases. As one commenter stated, “being homoflexible is the new frontier.”

Bi folks everywhere came out in full force to show their support.

Lil Nas X bisexual arc? Bring it on.

Some folks are taking this chance to shoot their shot. Honestly, why not?

He’s so young and it’s only natural that he keep exploring new aspects of his queer identity. We’re here for it!

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