London, Club Artist Sussi Is Coming For You.

· Updated on May 29, 2018

A vampiric demon by night, the seven feet tall Sussi terrorizes the hottest parties at stomping grounds around the world. Usually found in NYC, the jet-setting queer fashionista has recently made London his new lair. We managed to snag him in between outfit changes to tell us a little more about the man behind the looks.

Who is Sussi?

Sussi is a vehicle for me to display my art in a very personal way with the performance of it all coming into play. I used to be a painter and visual artist, but I would rather it have a breathing vessel to attach it to rather than a boring old canvas. It’s all about the full fantasy. Drag is an immersive experience that involves everyone in the room. I don’t consider myself a “drag queen,” but I do drag because I don’t want to look like someone else. I just want to be who I am.

Tell us about how it all started.

I started going out when I was 14, and it always felt like nightlife was a form of self-expression for me. The nightclub is my gallery, and all the people who came to watch are drunk, so they love it. Drag builds confidence and reminds you not to take life too seriously, and it’s always showtime. If you can’t go to the party, become the party and make everyone come to you.

Your looks always look so well thought out. What inspires them?

The monsters in Scooby Doo.

Who are the legendary nightlife icons that you look up to the most?

Ladyfag and Love Bailey.

How do people react to your style?

I usually try to scare them away, that’s why I always wear the horns. Costume is my armor.

Who are your favorite designers right now?

Hana Quist and Charles Jeffrey.

Why did you leave New York? Do you miss the scene there?

I left New York because I wanted to explore the world beyond the grid and try something new. London is a very exciting place right now and I had to go check it out.

How does nightlife differ between London and NYC?

New York goes big and strong, London is classic and artistic.

What’s your favorite party in both NYC and London?

In NYC, anything Ladyfag and in London, Jodie Harsh Dollar Baby.

Who’s your favorite drag artist right now?

Aquaria in New York.

Can you tell us how you’re planning to take over the world from this point onward?

You’ll have to wait and see. Showtime!

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