London Jade Serves You Heaven, Hell & Full Anthro Tiger Fantasy In ‘Transcendent’ New Music Video

· Updated on May 28, 2018

London Jade “used to shake it in NY and then CHI,” and now she’s back to shake the ground beneath our feet. Jade is the girl you want to fuck with, and she just dropped a new video for the title track off of her sophomore EP, Transcendent, with PAPER Magazine.

The video itself bounces back and forth between heaven and hell in a manichean world within her mind symbolizing the self-empowering journey that ultimately led her to break free of her toxic ex-boyfriend.

The video features visuals of snowy rose petals, but Jade’s signature-style bars are mostly thorns.

She tells Paper, “I wrote the track ‘Transcendent’ when I first [moved] to Miami, and was in a relationship with someone who I had a very intense spiritual connection with. Being with him triggered a lot of feelings that I’ve felt throughout my transition: beauty, grace, love, heartbreak, anger, abuse, confusion, insecurity. But [he’s] also inspired my art. My transition has felt as if I’ve traveled through these realms, and every time I’ve passed through them have learned something.”

In between her archangel / fallen angel narrative, she serves a little bit of anthro tiger fantasy as she raps, “I’m trans-cen-dent, I really meant it. Just give me credit. I’m shitting all on your fetish.”

Of her ex, Jade went on to say, “It felt like heaven, hell and the weird space between. And that is exactly what the visuals for this track represent.”

She could be modest, but let’s be honest — the Transgender Goddess has officially demanded her homage. Watch the video for Transcendent below.

Video Production: Dorian Electra & Weston Allen
Direction & Set Design: Sarah Weis
Filmed by: Greg Stephen Reigh
MUA: Edgar Ruiz
Hair: Daniella DeLuna
Fashion: Rebirth Garments, Gnat Glitter Kink

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