Look at Me: The Biggest Thirst Monsters of 2017

· Updated on May 28, 2018

It’s the one thing some people can’t get enough of: attention. And if there’s one group of people who knows how to command attention, it’s celebrities. But what happens when you get a little too desperate for it? That, ladies, gentlemen and people of all genders is when celebs get a little too thirsty. In 2017, there was no end of celebrity thirst for attention and here’s the top celebrities hungry for your rewteets, likes and stans.

Sam Smith

Hoo boy, where do we start? The perpetually teary-eyed crooner rolled out his second album The Thrill of It All with a year-long campaign that included no end of teary interviews and tell-alls. What else did it include? A brand new relationship with 13 Reasons Why twink Brandon Flynn where paparazzi were conspicuously close to the couple while they took a not-at-all staged stroll through New York City’s West Village.

Debra Messing

Off to a #SAG Q&A. Love my Union.🙏🏻👊🏼❤️

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After spending most of her late 2016 in a political back-and-forth with Susan Sarandon, Messing went full politico in 2017 with a Twitter feed that’s like a portal to a sophomore political science major. The thirst has paid off, though. Her feud with Sarandon continues and Will & Grace is back on the air.

Zakar Twins

You don’t have to have 3% body fat to feel sexy. Thank you @official2xist for the underwear.

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This might be the more traditional thirst you’re thinking of shirtless guys gay brothers possible twincest? Social media stars The Zakar Twins, who have made a name for themselves online with their will-they-or-won’t-they approach to being hot twins reached new levels of thirst trappage this year on YouTube and Instagram and Comedy Central. The two spoke openly about their odd relationship on the “comedy” show Tosh.0 in September.

Sam Asghari

📸 Shot by my better half #B&W 1/3

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Asghari’s bathtub picture, shot by his little-known indie singer girlfriend Britney Spears, might be the definitive thirst trap of 2017. But moreso than his sculpted physique, Ashgari became the most famous boyfriend of 2017 thanks to his many posts and videos about his workout and time spent at Spears’ side.

Paris Hilton

Stop and smell the roses. 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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Paris Hilton spent 2017 trying to make us forget she voted for Donald Trump. The socialite and “Stars Are Blind” singer turned her Twitter into a place for conversation. She asked her followers what they were thinking and claimed she and Britney Spears invented the selfie. But hey, Hilton, we didn’t forget.

Joy Villa

Joy Villa is probably a singer you never heard of. You may have heard her name one night, the night of the 2017 Grammys. And then you probably forgot it. Villa wore a “Make America Great Again” dress to the 2017 Grammys to garner headlines and get pictures. She got what she wanted, but I’ve already forgotten her name since typing this paragraph.

Paul Brothers

“Yeah I park my car on a red carpet, are you silly?”

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A pair of social media “stars,” brothers Logan Paul and Jake Paul are famous to most people in their teens. This year, Jake Paul garnered headlines for being the worst neighbor ever, which he also tried to turn into a viral moment. But the YouTube/ Vine prankster brothers have also had an ongoing beef that included diss tracks, rented-out billboards and revenge porn.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly tried to shed her Fox News-branded image and make the jump to NBC this year. Unluckily for her, she upset some of her most high-profile guests, including fellow thirst monster Debra Messing and Jane Fonda. Kelly became so thirsty for rating that in the wake of NBC’s Matt Lauer scandal, she invited Lauer’s accusers and Lauer himselfonto the show.

Taylor Swift

Another year, another media cycle for the one and only Taylor Swift. Except this time around, the video for her first single from Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do,” was literally just a hodge-podge of her many personalities sharing screen time in the same video. It was exhausting.

Donald Trump

This year, Donald Trump redefined thirst. He was thirsty AF. He was slaked. He was the Grand Canyon. He was a black hole of attention, sucking it all up into his vortex. Whether it was fighting to make people believe he had the biggest inauguration of all time or the constant tweeting, Donald Trump was the ultimate thirst monster. And that’s a beast that may never be sated.

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