I Love You, Zaddy

Louis C.K. and Dasha of “Red Scare” Might Be Dating and Everyone is Freaking Out

Walter Winchell voice: “quick! what famously canceled comedian has been spotted at art cinema screenings across the Big Apple with a certain prominent edgelady podcaster?”

That’s right: it gives me absolutely no pleasure to report that Louis C.K. and Dasha Nekrasova of “Red Scare” are possibly dating, according to the Internet.

The two were spotted, insufferably enough, at a recent Godard screening. Obviously, the Internet is having a bit of a panic attack over this news.

That said, it’s utterly predictable. Dasha has been one of C.K.’s defenders from the start, ever since allegations concerning the comedian’s improper sexual conduct surfaced in 2017.
Though some are saying that Dasha is dating someone else, so who the hell knows what’s really up.

All we know is that the memes are giving, hard.

The end times are here.

There’s also, as always, more to the story: Dasha was previously dating Adam Friedland of “Cum Town” aka “The Adam Friedland Show”– until he allegedly cheated in the most on-brand way possible:

Excited for the direct-to-video sequel to I Love You, Daddy:

I can’t wait to get called ugly on Red Scare!

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