‘Love Inc.’ founder Brittny Drye dishes on all the queer wedding essentials

While Pride month may be over, wedding season is just beginning. Love is in the air all summer long and chances are, you’ve been invited to one or five weddings this summer. Even though the wedding industry tends to focus on heterosexual configurations, one queer entrepreneur is ensuring that wedding season includes everyone.

Brittny Drye is the founder of Love Inc., a publication dedicated towards creating wedding content for both LGBTQ+ and heterosexual couples. From vendor guides to fashion tips to trendy decoration ideas, Love Inc. has everything a happy couple needs to ensure that their wedding day is as special and queer as can be.

INTO spoke with Drye about how Love Inc. came to be, her favorite queer love story, and what the future of LGBTQ+ weddings look like.

What was the inspiration for Love Inc.

The wedding industry is extremely heteronormative — almost all publications are talking to a bride marrying groom. There are LGBTQ+ specific resources out there, but as someone who identifies as bi, I didn’t see myself in either. No one was being truly inclusive of their content to incorporate ALL couples, which is how Love Inc. was born. We’re wedding planning for everyone, but with an inclusive lens. 

What do you see as the current trends for LGBTQ+ weddings?

I’m seeing more “soonlyweds” rock styles that are more in-line with who they are and their own gender expression. Suits with dramatic veils, cisgender men rocking heels. Everyone deserves to feel like themselves on their wedding day, and I love that soonlyweds are no longer feeling like they need to fit into a certain “bride” or “groom” mold. 

Since you’re in the business of love, what’s your favorite queer love story from a book, film, tv show, play, or music video?

I am such a sucker for British royalty gossip. So when the series Red, White & Royal Blue came out, I binged. 

What was the most unique queer wedding you covered for Love Inc.?

That’s such a hard question — we’ve featured so many amazing weddings! One that I think about often is Kristopher and Tertulien’s wedding that we featured in our V9 issue, captured by Danforth Neal Photography. High-fashion attire, cultural integrations — their inspiration was “South of France meets the Met Gala.” It was incredible. 

What are some of the most common wedding mistakes that queer couples make?

I wouldn’t say it’s a mistake per se because, frankly, they shouldn’t have to worry about it, but ensuring that vendors are equality-minded® before reaching out to them, or better yet, making sure that the vendor and their staff have gone through inclusivity training. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of discrimination that happens toward LGBTQ+ couples in the wedding space, which is why I’m proud to note that any vendor featured on Love Inc. has been personally vouched for by our team. 

What are cost effective tips that queer folks should keep in mind when planning for a wedding?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning and be influenced by others’ opinions or pretty photos you see on Pinterest. At the very beginning, sit down with your partner and create guiding principles — how do you envision your day for you and your guests, what’s important to you. Setting those from the get-go will help with decision-making and keep you on track with your budget. 

What do you think the future of LGBTQ+ weddings will look like?

My hope is that one day we’ll live in a world where we won’t have to do extra research to ensure a vendor is equality-minded® and where we can honeymoon wherever we please and hold hands with our new spouse without fear of violence. At this point in time and in our current climate, that feels like a long way away, but I have hope.

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