Lukas Gage Had to Check Perez Hilton’s Shady Comment

Lukas Gage’s name has been circulating around the tabloid circuit lately. He’s been busy giving us head turning roles. From his cheeky role in season one of The White Lotus, to his dive into watersports in season 4 of You, to, now, prepping us for his SXSW debuted gay sex comedy Down Low, Gage is engaged in building his acting his career. 

What he isn’t going to engage in is shady discourse and long-time blogger Perez Hilton found out the hard way. Hilton, known for his outlandish and immensely popular tabloid-style blog during the mid-00s, covered Gage’s recent vacation with rumored bae celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton for his site.

However, he added his two cents on Gage in a tweet that reads “Somebody needs to tell this dude he’s not as famous as he thinks he is! All the #LukasGage details HERE”

Well, Gage had some thoughts on that. In a now deleted tweet from Gage, the actor replied “Somebody needs to tell this dude that nobody has read his blog since 2009!”

The library is open. 

Hilton responded with a gif that reads “Everyone’s fighting some kind of battle”. 

Honestly, don’t throw stones in glass houses. Hilton’s blog (which was popular prior to 2009) was known for “outting” celebs, eviscerating entertainers’ reputations, and consistently being a rumor mill. 

Of course, multiple publications have covered Gage and Appleton’s rumored relationship, but this remark definitely hit a nerve with Gage. And the Euphoria actor isn’t one to stand by and just take someone’s B.S. He showed that when he famously called out a director who was critiquing his apartment during a zoom meeting.

Yea, Hilton isn’t going to win this one. 

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