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Lukas Gage is Officially Dating Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Appleton

Well, what all but suspected after that infamous “White Lotus” rim job scene is confirmed at last. In an interview on the Drew Barrymore show, hairstylist to the stars Chris Appleton opened up about his new relationship with Lukas Gage.

Gage, who posted pictures of a seemingly romantic vacation with Appleton last month, has yet to publically confirm his sexuality. Appleton, however, told Barrymore that he is “very much in love” with the person he’s dating, and it can only be Gage.

“I’m grateful to be able to share my time with someone very special,” Appleton shared.

Gage, who’s slated to appear in Season 3 of the extremely homosexual comedy “The Other Two,” recently told press that he was dropped by his agent for refusing to confirm his sexuality. I’m betting that agent is drowning in salty tears right about now.

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