Male Fans Storm Field to Kiss Cristiano Ronaldo

· Updated on May 28, 2018

As queer people, sports are not particularly marketed toward us, and it’s generally known that most of us don’t fall into that fandom. But with as little knowledge as we might have of things like who was playing during the Super Bowl that totally snubbed Janet Jackson or the name of any baseball player who hasn’t dated Madonna, certain truths are irrefutable. The Blind Side was one of Sandra Bullock’s greatest achievements, and Cristiano Ronaldo is bae.

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Although we could care less what he does with that particular ball, we can totally relate to his hardcore fans. Ronaldo basically just experienced an Axe commercial circa 2007 when multiple fans risked bodily harm, running past security to express their love for the soccer player while he was in the process of playing soccer. One male fan even attempted to kiss Ronaldo on the lips before he was ultimately cheeked, followed by another who planted a smooch on his chest.

The first fan even captured the moment on his phone, posting it to Facebook.

While we can’t condone the whole nonconsensual aspect of this passionate fan, we can’t deny that we’ve all imagined running into Ronaldo’s arms and planting a full-on Rachel McAdams smooch on him like he’s 2004 Ryan Gosling in the rain. We also have to give props to Ronaldo for ultimately keeping his composure while he was swarmed by multiple adoring fans with zero regard for personal safety or sexual consent.

Now let’s play that back in slow motion:

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