‘Mariah’s World’ Season 2? E! Says, ‘I Don’t Know Her’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In news that will sadden tens, perhaps even dozens of TV viewers, Mariah Carey’s reality show will not return for a second season.

Variety reports that E! has decided not to go ahead with a second season of Mariah’s World, the first of which aired over the winter of 2016 and 2017. The channel claims that the show was always intended to be limited in scope, describing it as an “event” series.

“E!’s ‘Mariah’s World’ was an eight-part event that chronicled her 2016 world tour,” reads a statement that E! sent to Variety. “It was exciting to bring our viewers inside the private world of one of today’s most iconic stars as she returned to the stage last year.”

Mariah’s World debuted with a pretty strong viewership, Variety notes, but those numbers began to plummet with each passing week. From December 4th to January 29th, the premiere’s impressive 2.2 million viewers had dropped to about half a million. Now, I guess we’ll never see how her blossoming relationship with a backup dancer turns out, or other such iconic moments such as [scene missing] or [scene missing] and who could forget [scene missing].

There’s a silver lining in all thisor at least there might be. This could mean that Mariah’s too busy working on an album to continue on with filming. Prior to the Mariah’s World premiere, the singer told Variety that a second season would depend on “if [I’m] touring or if I’m in the studio.”

“If I’m in the studio, I don’t really like people to be around me that much,” she said. “I prefer to be alone or with my engineer. So we’ll see. That’s why I’m saying it’s a docuseries. It works because it captioned a moment in my life and that’s what was important to me.”

Back in April, Billboard reported that the follow-up to Me. I Am MariahThe Elusive Chanteuse is due out sometime this year. Perhaps this is another sign that such a thing will indeed come to pass? I don’t wanna put all my eggs in this basket, but also stop telling me where to put my fucking eggs.

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