‘Mary Queen of Scots’ Really Wants the Gays to Use These GIFs

There’s nothing about two queens in wigs and full makeup throwing shade at one another that doesn’t sound extremely marketable to most rank-and-file homosexuals. And given that gays only communicate through screams and GIFs, there’s now a way to combine a movie about warring monarchs with moving images.

Mary Queen of Scots, starring Oscar nominees Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, has released a GIF set of images from the movie with some nods to queer (mostly Black and brown) culture.

For instance, there’s this GIF of Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I with tens flashing over her walking, a clear nod to the phrase “tens across the board,” meant to indicate a perfect score for a contestant in ball culture.

Then there’s “werk” and “slay” gifs with Robbie, as well.

The word “choices” is added to a GIF of a Renaissance-themed outfit reveal, most likely inspired by Drag Race’s Tatianna.

There’s a Mean Girls-inspired Ronan gif, as well as a Bring It On-inspired one, as well: which, you could say, are both inspired by Ariana Grande’s iconic Thank U, Next video.

One Ronan GIF pulls double duty of being a GIF while also being an “also me” meme.

And I can only hope this GIF is inspired by Eileen of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ delivery of “Beast! How dare you!?”

I really hope Monique Heart’s “Brown cow!? Stunning!” inspired this Ronan GIF because we always need Monique Heart appreciation.

And finally, who can’t help but think of Tiffany “New York” Pollard when they hear “HBIC”?

Find their entire GIF set on Giphy.

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