Matt Wilkas Lives a Basic Gay Life in Natti Vogel’s ‘Brown Rice’ Video

· Updated on May 27, 2018

Hunky writer/actor/Gus Kenworthy’s boyfriend Matt Wilkas stars in a new music video that has us questioning our own lives.

In Natti Vogel’s video for “Brown Rice,” Wilkas is one of those gay guys you probably follow on Instagram. It’s a kind of funny/extremely depressing look at the basic life of a basic gay.

Waking up with a frown, he puts on a fake smize for a morning selfie before doing a bump of cocaine. The he washes down his PrEP with some red wine before creating some sponsored posts with the underwear that just came in the mail. The rest of the day is filled with pot smoking, gym going, and anonymous chemsex.

Although it appears to be a tragic look at the emptiness associated with the often-shallow facets of gay culture, it’s beautifully done. One choreographed number in a gay bar seems to represent the usual song and dance of gay social gatherings. It’s a magical musical satire of gay culture.

Vogel’s lyrics fit seamlessly with the overwhelming feeling of doubt the video portrays. His somber vocals give it a classic piano bar vibe, reminiscent of Freddie Mercury.

Natti Vogel’s “Brown Rice” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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