Meghan Markle’s Forgotten Rom Com is Coming Out in the UK

· Updated on May 29, 2018

The royal wedding is just weeks away, and Meghan Markle is living the moment every little girl dreams of. As she prepares to become an official royal, she’ll be overseeing the fairytale wedding, estimated to cost around $80 million. From the dress to the guests to the PR embarrassment of an almost forgotten raunchy B-rated rom com. So, maybe it’s not exactly what most little girls dream of.

Back in 2013, Markle appeared in the little-known film, A Random Encounter. It has a typical romantic comedy plot in which boy meets girl, boy tries to win girl over, boy ends up fooling around with girl’s roommate.

Markle stars as none other than Mindy, the flirtatious roommate, with an affinity for party hopping, online dating, and cute dresses. There’s a particularly raunchy scene in which she undresses said boy, played by Michael Rady (Kostas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). It’s not quite a Grace Kelly moment, but actresses have done worse.

Luckily for all the British folk who didn’t get an invite to the big day, her big role can be seen on DVD, releasing in the UK just days before the May 19 wedding. It’s bound to get a much wider audience than its unfortunate filmmakers would have anticipated five years ago. It’s going on our royal viewing list, right after Lifetime’s Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance and Netflix’s The Crown.

Let’s hope Markle’s new life as a royal has a little more production value. Watch the trailer for A Random Encounter below:

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