Michel and Olivier Gondry Create Queer-Inclusive Shorts for Park MGM Las Vegas

· Updated on October 30, 2018

Following Visit Las Vegas’ ad campaign featuring a very sweet lesbian proposal, Park MGM Las Vegas has a new series of shorts created by Michel Gondry and Olivier Gondry, three of which feature queer storylines.

The series, titled “Las Vegas Love Stories,” is composed of six eight-second long shorts. Each one depicts a different couple, or throuple, in the crucial 8.2 seconds it takes to fall in love (according to research). All are scored and filmed beautifully, and with an impressive amount of depth and detail; they reveal something more each time you watch them.

The first, “Our Infinity,” is summarized as “After falling in love in a Las Vegas resort, two people find themselves alone in the universe,” and features two women sharing a kiss in a hotel room. The encounter transcends them to a place where they find themselves truly alone in that brief moment where they find the ultimate connection.

“Room 802” features four people — two of whom are men, “best friends who see each other in a new light after a night out in Las Vegas.” They board an elevator only to find themselves quite literally pushed together by the walls, which also shut out their other two friends, as the two men give into their newly found attraction and kiss.

“The Big Eight” is the story of a woman who “spots love at first sight at a Las Vegas craps table and rolls the dice with one wish in mind.” The “love” is an attractive couple standing across the craps table as our leading lady is getting ready to roll. Keeping her sight on the couple, she kisses the dice before rolling them on the table, and the dice morph into the couple falling into their hotel bed — quickly followed by the lucky winner, who falls right in between them.

Michel Gondry, whose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, lends his unique vision to these shorter than short films. His signature dreamy sheen with just a splash of melancholy gives the characters in the shorts an infinite amount of communication without there ever being any actual dialogue.

As of September 25, all short films are available to stream on the Park MGM website, and on their official YouTube channel.

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