Michele Bachmann Is Asking God Whether She Should Run for Al Franken’s Senate Seat

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Are you there, God? It’s me, Michele Bachmann.

Former scary-eyed evangelical Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who was also a failed 2012 presidential candidate, may want to run for Democrat Al Franken’s senate seat. First, she has to check in with the Big Guy Upstairs.

Bachmann told a conservative news blog that several people contacted her urging her to run for Franken’s vacant seat.

Bachmann said she would run to bring Christian principles back to Washington. For the record, Bachmann is anti LGBT and part of her Christian beliefs include that God would destroy America for sanctioning same-sex marriage.

“I fulfilled the calling that God gave me,” Bachmann said, talking about her 2012 run. “So the question is, am I being called to do this now? I don’t know.”

During the clip, Bachmann also claims that she was the first major Republican to take the “repeal” stance on Obamacare and that her stance ultimately became the stance of the Republican party and the will of the American people.

Except, people overwhelmingly like Obamacare.

Maybe she should ask God to give her an internet connection so she can look up some stats before she opens her mouth?

Photography: Getty Images

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