Monét X Change Slays With New Single ‘Soak It Up”

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Following in the steps of all eliminated queens before her, Monét X Change has released her first song and music video. The iconic New York queen has teamed up with Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen to release “Soak It Up.”

The song (as you can likely tell from the title) and music video both reference X Change’s infamous sponge dress.

The video opens with X Change getting yelled at by a paparazzi militia, led by Season 10 sister Monique Heart. Heart asks if X Change really thought the sponge dress was sickening. X Change responds with Heart’s own iconic quote, “Stunning.”

Other scenes include X Change sitting in a bath filled with cut up sponges and a scene with Bob wearing a matching sponge dress during the bridge. It’s so extra and I’m in.

“Music will always be a big passion of mine as it was the catalyst, through opera, that helped me discover drag,” X Change told Billboard. “Operas are essentially drag shows, more or less. Drag just tends to have bigger lashes. There will definitely be an album! Something that expresses the multifaceted singing styles that I encompass. I want to deliver an album that incorporates multiple genres of music because why not!?”

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