Mo’Nique Has Given a Master Class in Shade and Wig Snatching on Her Press Tour This Week

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Get ready to readjust your wig.

This week, Oscar winner Mo’Nique appeared on a few talk shows ready with receipts. The legendary comedian appeared on both The View and The Breakfast Club where she once again had to explain her side of the story of the Netflix debacle.

For those who don’t know, Mo’Nique made headlines earlier in February when she called for a Netflix boycott after the media giant approached the Oscar winner for a comedy special and offered her $500,000 after offering Amy Schumer $13 million and Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle $20 million. Mo’Nique had to defend herself after the internet began a debate as to whether the number Netflix offered was fair.

When Mo’Nique finally got her chance to speak on the issue on television, she held nothing back in speaking about gender and color bias in the industry.

“Our finish line keeps changing,” Mo’Nique told those sitting on the View panel during a Thursday appearance. “As a black woman in Hollywood, initially you’re told, build up your resume. And that’s what’ll get the money. And then you build up your resume and then they’ll say, well you know we see the resume, but we’ll get them the next time. And you never meet your next time.”

After Mo’Nique spoke about being blackballed from Hollywood after refusing to work for free to promote Precious Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire, panelist (and fellow Oscar winner) Whoopi Goldberg began to lecture Mo’Nique on promoting a film, to which Mo’Nique responded that she learned, “When you don’t do what we ask you to do, we’ll take your livelihood. So for eight years, for eight years, my family has suffered and my career has suffered because what I would not allow those entities to do is bully me.”

Mo’Nique’s tour continued when she called out Charlamagne tha God on his own show for making her “Donkey of the Day” when she began to speak out about Netflix’s gender and color bias. This is where the real wig snatching comes in to play.

In her appearance, she refuses to call Charlamagne by his entertainment moniker and instead, very pointedly, calls him by his government name, Lenard, over and over. She then asks him where he is from Moncks Corner, South Carolina and then delivers this amazing line of questioning.

“If I was to call your mother or your grandmother, would they tell me stories of inequality that they had to deal with? Would your mother be a donkey? Would your grandmother be a donkey? I need you to explain how you gave me the title because you’re not explaining it. You’re going off of what I assume but because you’re on that microphone, and when we open up those microphones we know just how powerful our voices can be, don’t we Angela?”

“Yes, we do,” Angela responds.

“And we know that what we say can become law, correct, Lenard?”

“Absolutely,” Charlamagne says.

“So when we do that, we must then explain it to our community because we know how poisonous it can be when we put things out but we can’t back it up,” Mo’Nique says.

Here’s a visual summary of what just happened:


See, Mo’Nique is actually teaching us all how to win an argument. She has brought every receipt. She has stayed calm and collected, lest people try to dismiss her as being overheated. She repeatedly called the women on The View “Ma’am,” and calls Charlamagne by his first name. (Side note, when she calls him by Charlamagne, she also says it incorrectly, which is just *chef’s kiss.*)

And, finally, Mo’Nique says this in front of Lenard’s face, “Listen Lenard, I’m going to let you hold on to that, what I will say to you is and to all the black women and women of color that are listening, when you hear this brother’s voice come over the air, and I’m unapologetic about what I’m getting ready to say, he does not have a value on black women and women of color.”

Mo’Nique then says that Charlamagne tha God is not the same Lenard from Moncks Corner, South Carolina because he “would not call a sister the Donkey of the Day.”

Thank you, Mo’Nique. Here endeth the lesson.


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