Montana Republican Says She’d Rather Her Trans Child Die Than Recieve Gender-Affirming Care

Meet Kerri Seekins-Crowe, a Republican who just entered the running for the worst mother of the year award. Quite frankly, it would be a shock at this point if she didn’t take home the prize.

The Montana Republican spoke openly during a recent floor debate about what she sees as the “danger” of gender-affirming care for trans childre and young adults. Referencing the fact that trans youth who are barred from care face an increased risk of suicidal ideation, Seekins-Crowe decided to use her own relationship with her daughter as an example.

Explaining that her child has expressed suicidal ideation for the past three years, Seekins-Crowe said: “Someone once asked me, ‘Wouldn’t I just do anything to help save her?’ And I really had to think and the answer was, ‘No.'”

Instead of listening to her child’s plea for help and care, Seekins-Crowe characterized this behavior as “emotionally manipulative,” explaining that she didn’t believe her child was capable of making such decisions.

To which we’re all thinking: okay, so why did you become a parent then?

Despite spending “hours on the floor in prayer,” Seekins-Crowe denied her child affirming care to protect what she saw as a “successful adulthood.”

But prayer, as most of us know, simply doesn’t cut it. Listening to your child and believing that their issues are real and important? Now that would be a step in the right direction.

Watching the clip makes it clear that anti-trans Republicans, rather than accepting their child as they are, would often prefer a corpse to a thriving trans adult.

This is what the right calls “family values.”

Viewers rightly shocked by the clip are calling it what it is: child abuse.

When we talk about trans genocide, this is what we mean. When parents are willing to see their kids suffer instead of help them find care, they’re abandoning them to a life of pain, torment, and suicidal ideation.

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