Moodie Black Shares Personal Song of Trans Solidarity In New Track ‘Sway’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Minneapolis-based noise rap duo Moodie Black is back with a follow-up to their debut album, and their new song “Sway” is a particularly special track for the duo’s Chris Martinez (aka Kdeath).

“‘Sway’ is one of the first songs I was able to write since coming out as trans,” K tells INTO. “I wanted to write a piece in solidarity with the entire spectrum of trans identified people.”

K only came out publicly in the last year, and so “Sway” has a lot of meaning, as does the rest of Moodie Black’s sophomore album, Lucas Acid (out April 6 on Fake Four Inc.).

“The song is loaded with my personal experiences with internalized transmisogyny, dysphoria, the countries obsession with body parts and sexualizing trans people,” K says. “I touch on the paranoia of being publicly trans and the violence that exists particularly in POC circles.”

“Lastly,” K continues, “I discuss wanting to see more examples of different expressions of trans people in popular culture. Despite the heavy content the hook and message of the song is to keep on ‘swaying’ and staying visible and strong as we continue to progress and fight for our freedoms and civil liberties.”

Moodie Black is heading on tour withCeschi, Dark Time Sunshine, and Dope Knife March 9-16 with a stop at SXSW, and then continuing withCeschi, Only, andEsh March 18-April 2.

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