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INTO knows you need help, and not from the likes of heteronormative newspaper columnists. Graphic novelist and podcast host Nicole J. Georges has been offering solutions to problems for several years at outlets like Bitch and on her own weekly show Sagittarian Matters, where special guests often join to share their own expertise. (Recent ones include Hannah Gadsby, Beth Ditto, and Carrie Brownstein.) Now, she’s bringing her self-proclaimed “honest, earnest, confident, sometimes funny advice” to INTO with Queer Abby.
“I am a queer, feminist, body-positive alternative to Dan Savage,” Georges says. “I’m fair but I’m firm. I care about my advice seekers, and will give them the objective, loving truth like a good Judy should.”
Georges’ first book, Calling Dr. Laura, is about her obsession with the conservative talk show host who continues to give problematic advice to callers. Georges refers to her approach as “no-nonsense,” and to herself as “manner-obsessive.”
“You’re not legally bound to take it, but I will give you my honest read on a situation,” Georges says.
Queer Abby will answer INTO reader questions about topics such as: romance, pets, art, manners, vegan food, chickens, “and oh my god, roommates. Please send me questions about your rotten roommates.”
I bring 20 years of dating, roommates, pets, an art career and thousands of dollars worth of therapy to the table,” Georges says. “I learned everything like a caveman so you don’t have to.”
If you have a question for Queer Abby, send it in an email to [email protected].  Feel free to spice it up with a fun anonymous name that describes you and your question, like “Suffering From Sapphic Sadness in Sydney” or “Bummed About Another Bottom.” All identities will be protected, much to the chagrin of those closest to Georges, who says “I keep the anonymity of my advice seekers so tight, I’ve gotten in fights with my life partner over my unwillingness to disclose names from the advice vaults!”

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