Netflix Has Blessed Us With A Bonus Episode Of ‘Queer Eye’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Craving new fodder to fuel your uncomfortably detailed yet proportionally suspect Queer Eye fan art? Well, you’re in luck. Netflix has released a bonus mini-episode of the series straight to their official YouTube channel. You heard that right! YouTube! You don’t even need a Netflix account! Or the password to your ex from three years ago’s dad’s account!

The episode finds the Fab 5 2.0 storming Netflix headquarters to give some dude named John Campbell who works in the IT departmentI think. The Queer Eye dudes keep calling them “nerds” and joking about how they don’t get what these nerds actually do.

Anyway, Johnwho is both my father and my dadgets a cut and style from Jonathan, some new clothes from Tan, and a pep talk from Karamo. To quote Into’s own Mathew Rodriguez, “Find out what to do with Karamo.”

Antoni tells John to stop eating burgers and start eating carrots, which aejrsgiors’pp’’’;;;;. You hear that, Gay Twitter?? Your mcm stans carrots over burgers. Bobby, meanwhile, remakes the aforementioned nerds’ office space so that it’s a little more inviting.

It’s not a full episode, but it’s better than nothing!

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