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Netflix Teases Upcoming Alyssa Edwards Series

“Mama is back!” Alyssa Edwards said in the teaser for her upcoming Netflix series. The fan favorite queen from Drag Race Season 5 and All Stars 2 is coming back to our TVs and laptops in a new docu-series called Dancing Queen.

The series will follow every part of Edwards’ life, from the classes she teaches to her personal life to her career as a drag performer. In one scene we see Alyssa confronting someone with the question: “Why did you tell me my life was an abomination?”

Given the tears in this clip, it seems like Dancing Queen will be a more dramatic project than her last World of Wonder YouTube series, Alyssa’s Secret. This is, of course, also a World of Wonder project and will be produced by RuPaul.  We also see a couple familiar faces: Shangela and Laganja Estranja, two of Alyssa’s drag daughters, so it seems like this will be a full Haus of Edwards experience.

According to Billboard, the first season of the series will be eight 45-minute episodes. It will exclusively premiere on Netflix on Oct. 5.

Check out the teaser below:

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