New ‘Overwatch’ Hero Ashe, Leader of the Deadlock Gang, Is Serving Big Lesbian Energy

Overwatch lovers just got a preview of the game’s newest hero, Ashe. Ashe is a damage hero and a gunslinger with a shotgun rifle. Blizzard introduced Ashe via the animated short “Reunion,” which also stars Overwatch’s resident Western-themed hero, McCree, at this year’s Blizzcon.


They also released an intro video for the hero, which shows each of her abilities, including an ultimate where a robot named B.O.B. appears to help her fight.

If you’ve watched the video, then you probably feel it too: Ashe is giving us Big Dyke Energy. That asymmetrical cut? The dyed hair? The long pants and coat??? She is serving me Patricia Arquette “Kissin’ Kate Barlow” in Holes and I’m the opposite of mad about it.

This is the third Blizzcon in a row where Overwatch added a very queer woman to the game. Last year, the game added scientist healer character Moira to its roster and the year before that, the very very queer Sombra was introduced. (Obvs, queer women rule Blizzcon.)

A lot of people, especially queer Overwatch fans, were excited to welcome Ashe.

While it’s great to see another woman on the roster, many fans were upset that Overwatch continued to release characters without introducing a playable Black female character.

Currently, the most prominent Black woman in the game’s lore is Elfi Oladele, the 11-year-old Numbani inventor who created Orisa, a 1-month old robot who is not, no matter what some geek on the internet says, proper representation for a Black woman in the Overwatch world.

Welcome to the party, Ashe! And Overwatch: invite a Black woman to the party — soon.  

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