Nicki Minaj Stans Are Looking for Queer Icon Tracy Chapman

Nicki Minaj’s fanbase is about to get in a fast car and find Tracy Chapman.

The iconic Black lesbian musician is at the center of an internet hunt as Stan Twitter is looking for her. What’s behind the sudden interest in the singer-songwriter? On Tuesday, Minaj tweeted out that she might have to delay her upcoming fourth studio album Queen in order for a sample of a Tracy Chapman song to clear. The album was already delayed after a planned July release date, which meant that Minaj’s fanbase — formerly called Barbz and currently called the Kingdom — is on a hunt for the acclaimed musician.

The one problem? Chapman doesn’t have a social media presence. Instead, Barbz have been DMing a fan community of Chapman’s, which currently has slightly over 19,000 Twitter followers. The page released a statement reminding Stans that the account is, in fact, not Chapman herself.

“Hi to everyone who has messaged and DM’d in the last few hours,” the account wrote. “Tracy Chapman Online is a fan community and is run by the fans. Although we can’t speak for the artist, feel free to browse the feed and ask any fan questions.”

Minaj also posted on her Instagram that fans had been tweeting her screenshots of DMs they had sent to Chapman’s fan accounts.

Barbz, please don’t harass fellow queen Tracy Chapman, she has nothing to do with this! Support Black queen women! #BuyFastCaroniTunes

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