Noted Hot Woman And Model Giuliana Farfalla Is German Playboy’s First Ever Trans Cover Star

· Updated on May 28, 2018

German model Giuliana Farfalla is going to be on the cover of the next issue of German Playboy, on stands this Thursday. The decision makes perfect sense. Along with being super hot, Giuliana is also extremely pretty. I stan! I spiral! I both stan and spiral.

The 21-year-old also happens to be the first trans model to appear on the cover of German Playboy, the Associated Press reportsat least as far as we know. Perhaps they were all trans? Prove me wrong!

Farfalla, who rose to fame on season I MEAN cycle 12 of the Heidi Klum-hosted Germany’s Next Topmodel, took to Instagram to celebrate her accomplishment.

“My loves, I’m on the latest Playboy cover and very proud of the result,” she captioned a photo of the cover on Tuesday, unless my good friend Google Translate is lying to me. “I hope you like the cover as much as I do.”

Florian Boitin, German Playboy’s Editor-in-chief, also celebrated the newly minted cover girl in a statement posted to the mag’s official Instagram account.

“[Giuliana Farfalla is] a beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination is,” he said, noting that it remains “taboo” for most men to acknowledge that a hot trans woman is hot.

Boitin goes on to say that he hopes his choice of cover star carries on what he calls “the tradition of founder Hugh Hefner,” whom he claims strongly opposed “any form of exclusion and intolerance.”

Not to kink shame, but I don’t think “a symbolic opposition to exclusion and intolerance” is really the draw here? Then again, men do love their masturbatory, self-righteous displays of performative solidarity!!

French model Ines Rau made similar headlines back in October when she became American Playboy’s first-ever trans playmate. She is also super hot and extremely pretty.

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