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Ok…Was the Identity of Jeffree Star’s NFL Bae Just Revealed?

If there’s one piece of news I really didn’t want to follow, it was the Jeffree Star-NFL bae discourse. And yet here we are. The seemingly-uncancellable makeup artist and entrepreneur has been making waves for a minute after hinting at a romance with a certain unnamed high-profile NFL player…and for some reason, everyone cares about it.

Now I know what you’re thinking: who cares? And the answer is: people. Lots of them. Lots of people care. After Starr posted a cute bathroom selfie with the NFL boo in question, everyone had questions, comments, complaints, and ketamine.

The story might just be heating up, as a recent TikTok has commenters potentially spilling the tea on NFL bae’s identity.

@tiktokamirr This is why I love Tik Tok, because that’s how I found out. I wasn’t even allowed to use my phone when I was with him, and he’s letting the Witch Lady take pictures holding hands? Thank God I never signed that NDA. Count your mf days 😎 #jeffreestar #nfl #dlmen #nda #todaystea #sipstea #countyourdays #corporatebaddie #tiktokamirr #amirhenley ♬ im sick rn – kate barbato 🤍

So is it John Gruden? Rex Ryan? Whoever it is, it’s someone who seems to be playing the field currently. And not only is the name “Justin Herbert” showing up in the comments quite a bit, but Amir Henley is apparently *liking* all those replies. Now call us petty, call us drama-obsessed, call us messy, but we’re loving every minute of this sh*t.

But let’s not get too excited: commenters are also posting that despite the similarities between Herbert’s physique and the one we saw in the Starr photo, Herbert was allegedly getting shoulder surgery on the same day the photo was posted. And yet…

@the_kennykingjr Who’s the mystery boo? #JustinHerbert #JefreeStarr #greenscreen #ReadySetLift ♬ original sound – Kenny King


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