Overhyped Horror Movies We Snuck Into as Teens

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Another year means another batch of horror movies that comes and goes, and a lot of them are really bad. They can’t all be the next Get Out or It Follows, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Let’s be honest, how many of these films will we actually remember in a decade?

God knows we saw numerous horror movies over the past 10 years that left little lasting impression. But that’s what happens when big names are attached and studios spend a fortune on marketing. What would we know? We were just silly teenagers.

If these movies came out today, we’d wait for them to hit Netflix.

Cry Wolf

This one was about some private school kids who get bored and spread rumors about a serial killer. Before Supernatural took off and after Gilmore Girls ended, Jared Padalecki had a supporting role in this, which was the main draw. Were we really supposed to be impressed that Bon Jovi made a cameo as a pedophile high school teacher?


This movie was just one big excuse for Eli Roth to live out his torture porn fantasies. It followed three backpackers in Europe who stay at the wrong hostel. It was more gore than actual plotline.


When we still knew her as Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell made one of her first starring roles in this tragic horror film. It was about demons that lived in phones and computers or something like that. Bell even poked fun at it during a reference in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

See No Evil

Christina Vidal could have been great after Taina and Freaky Friday, but this did nothing to help her career. Although it might have slightly helped the WWE’s Kane. He plays a dude who starts killing off teenage delinquents.

Stay Alive

The same year she did John Tucker Must Die, Sophia Bush starred in this horror flop. It followed a group of gamers that start dying the same way their characters die in a mysterious video game. It was also the last time we saw Frankie Muniz.

Prom Night

The horror movie genre has been a little trigger-happy with remakes over the last couple of decades, so why should this classic be off limits? And what the hell? Let’s just randomly cast Brittany Snow in Jamie Lee Curtis’s character.


As much as we love Beyoncé, maybe it’s best that her acting career never really took off. But she was still the only reason to see this film, in which some crazy white woman stalks her and Idris Elba.

Sorority Row

This horror remake tried desperately to capture the camp and sexual promiscuity of ‘80s slasher flicks but desperately failed. It also made some interesting casting choices with Bruce Willis’s daughter, that girl from Step Up 2: The Streets, that girl from The Hills, and that girl from Even Stevens.

The Unborn

Another attempt at making horror sexy that just fell on its face, this one had something to do with Nazis and evil spirits that possessed babies. And since Michael Bay produced, it received the Cybertron of advertising budgets.

The Uninvited

When a young woman is released from a mental hospital, she starts suspecting her new stepmom is trying to kill her. Sounds like perfectly reasonable assumptions to run with.

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