Paris Jackson Clarifies Her Queerness

Paris Jackson has been fairly open when it comes to talking about her sexuality. But in a recent “Ask Me Anything” post on Instagram, a fan asked the 20-year old “Are you bi?”–to which Jackson insisted that she doesn’t need “labels.”

“That’s what you guys call it so I guess but who needs labels,” she wrote on Instagram. Jackson has nodded to her queerness in the past, and fans’ constant need to rehash her statements seemingly frustrates the artist. In another post, she added, “I came out when I was 14…I’ve referred to the community as ‘my fellow LGBTQ+’ on stage before. I’ve talked about having a crush on girls when I was 8 in my Rolling Stone article. There are pictures of me kissing girls online.” She asked, “why are people just now saying this is new?”

The actress and activist was photographed kissing model Cara Delevingne outside a restaurant back in March. However, there are aspects of her personal life she likes to keep private. When a fan asked if she’s dating Delevingne, Jackson said, “None of your goddamn business.”

As part of the AMA, she elaborated on her rejection of labels, writing, “and I’m not ‘bisexual,’ I just love people for people. I don’t label myself so please don’t label me. Thank you!”

Fans came to the artist’s defense, too. One user pointed to a moment when her late father, Michael Jackson, joked about her having a girlfriend.

A former TMZ reporter commented on the irony of news outlets “breaking” a story about Jackson’s sexuality on the same day of the Trump-Putin Helsinki meeting.

Earlier this month, Paris scrubbed her father’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was vandalized, taking to her social media to slam “disrespectful” people. She is currently in a band called The Soundflowers–their first EP has yet to be released, but their first single will be called “Daisy.”

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