Pearl Says ‘Drag Race’ Producers Called to Tell Her She Will Never Appear on ‘All Stars’

It was the interview heard ‘round the world. In a conversation on Hey Qween, Pearl from Drag Race revealed that RuPaul was not the kindest to her during the filming of Season 7 and that she was disappointed.

As the story goes, Season 7 was in between shoots and Pearl decided to take the opportunity to talk to Ru about how grateful she was for the opportunity. Ru responded by telling her that nothing she says matters unless the cameras are rolling. Pretty understandably, this caused some talk in the Drag Race community among other queens and fans.

In a new YouTube video, Pearl opened up about some of that community response. She starts by saying that her intention in telling her story wasn’t to bash Ru, but to explain to people after all these years why she seemed so checked out the entire season. Although she knew she’d get some response, Pearl said that she had no idea it would blow up like it did.

“Now that we’ve gotten to this place, what I want from all of this is for future contestants to not have the same experience that I did,” Pearl said. “And if it does happen to them, to at least know what to expect and to not take it as personally as I did.”

The Season 7 star also specifically addressed her supporters and asked that they not send hate to Ru because she didn’t want more fuel added to the fire. She also said that her story wasn’t the only negative experience she had on set and not the only one she’s heard from other Drag Race girls.

Finally, Pearl mentions that after the Hey Qween interview aired, a producer from Drag Race called to inform her that she would never be asked to participate in an All Stars season.

“If you wanna know the real T, I had a producer from RuPaul’s Drag Race call me after the interview aired and guaranteed me that I would never come back and do All Stars,” Pearl says. “Now, I was never dumb enough to think I would be invited back for All Stars, and I was definitely not gunning for it at all, but to openly punish me for being honest about a situation that happened with me after four years of silence, is disgusting and shameful.”

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