Photographer Parker Day Shoots LA’s Fiercest Freaks

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In a recent commission for INTO, LA-based photographer Parker Day captured some of her fellow Angeleno artists as they stripped down and let their freak flags fly. Kitschy props, crushed velvet backdrops, and wine goblets abound in the shoot, but the real focus is Day’s fearless and unapologetic cast of characters.

“I worked with a diverse group of people to show the many different beautiful forms of the LGBTQ identity. Everyone I photographed is also an LA-based artist. I love working with other artists because I find they’re very open to playing with how they’re presented on camera and not restricted by feeling self-conscious or like they need to present a certain version of themselves. I don’t do any retouching on my film photos for these (semi) nudes, so working with people who are confident in who they are was a must!”

Check out the portraits below, and stay tuned to @heyparkerday for more.

Jareth Nebula

Benji Carlisle

Cesar Cummings

Jess Ziman & Simone Thompson

(Jess Left, Simone Right)

Brooks Ginnan

Ernie Omega

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